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SunOpta is a premier global supplier of value added fruit based ingredients for yogurt. Our wide range of technical, production and packaging options, combined with our global sourcing capabilities and industry leading research and development expertise, enable us to provide customers with unique and innovative flavor bases for yogurt.

We provide fruit bases for yogurt in a variety of flavors. Our bases can be developed in a natural or organic base, aseptic or conventional process and are appropriate for industrial or food service application.

These bases are created for use in pourable and set yogurt and in various formats , such as stirred, fruit on the bottom, fruit on the top, and flip-side compartment applications for non-fat, low-fat, full-fat formulas, and for styles such as Greek, Swiss, French, Mediterranean, Australian, Kefir and others.

These products are designed specifically for dairy, soy, almond, coconut, and other non-dairy applications.

These bases for yogurt can be packaged in pails, poly bag, bag in box, drums, and totes.