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Milled Corn

Milled Corn Ingredients

SunOpta is a leading provider and processor of yellow dent and specialty corn for snack, baking and cereal applications. Available as Certified Organic, Non-GMO and IP, these high quality ingredients help food manufacturers create excellent tasting foods for this fast growing market.

Our organic dry-mill facility works closely with our customers to select the best variety of corn for their milling requirements and end-use application. All products are milled to specific granulation requirements. SunOpta offers a wide range of specialty corns, including Certified Organic, yellow and white varieties.

SunOpta's fully integrated processing facilities control the entire organic quality process, from seed to table. We work closely with our growers to select the proper variety of seed, crop cultivation routines and land stewardship practices. Our team continues this care in the storage, processing and packaging to deliver products that meet customers' specific requirements. The result is the highest level of consistency, quality and functionality.

SunOpta's milled corn products are the perfect choice for snack food, baking and cereal applications. Uses include: flaking grits for cereal production and popping; corn meals for extruded cereals, snacks and puffed products; and corn flours for baking, pasta and confectionary purposes. We also offer value-added corn ingredients such as pre-gelled corn flour, which allows flexibility of processing to utilize its thickening characteristics.

Products are available in 50-lb. kraft bags, super sacks and bulk.


  • Consistent, specific particle size for extrusion, baking and flaking applications Superior natural fiber choice for cereal and bakery products Selected varietals for specific product needs


  • Organic, Non-GMO, IP, Natural and Gluten-free Custom manufactured to client specifications Extensive Quality Control and Traceability program


SunOpta is dedicated to providing the highest quality organic, Non-GMO and IP products. We have invested in comprehensive quality and processing systems designed to ensure the integrity of the product is strictly maintained from seed through finished goods. Our facilities are certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI) and are Kosher certified. We have an established HACCP program and are proud of our "Superior" AIB ratings.

Milled Corn Ingredients - Food Applications

Download the SunOpta Milled Corn Ingredients Brochure.