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Soy Ingredients

Soy Ingredients

SunOpta produces a wide range of soy-based ingredients designed for great taste and superior functionality. Food manufacturers world-wide rely on our team of nutritionists, flavor specialists and processing experts for the highest quality soy products.

Our full ingredient line includes roasted, toasted and milled soy options to provide you with the best solution for your nutritional soy foods.

The best soy ingredients depend on selecting the proper soybean variety for the end-use application. All of SunOpta's soy products are produced from whole soybeans that are selected for their superior food quality characteristics and pleasing neutral flavor. These soybeans are mechanically processed in our fully integrated processing facilities to ensure the dense nutritional value remains intact. SunOpta does not employ chemical solvent extraction or harsh processing techniques which can compromise the nutritional value and generate bitter off-flavors. SunOpta's soy products provide clean flavor profiles and maintain the superior nutritional attributes of soy.

As a leader in the Certified Organic soy foods industry, SunOpta has earned its excellent reputation by providing quality, innovative and great-tasting ingredients. These soy ingredients are specifically designed to serve the nutritional bar, bakery, snack, cereal, supplement, beverage, meat analog, entree and pasta categories. Products are available as Non-GMO, Certified Organic and Kosher.


  • Whole soy nutrition
  • No bitter flavor attributes
  • Chemical-free processing
  • Non-GMO soybeans
  • Certified Organic


  • Great tasting, Natural and Gluten-free
  • Clean label statement
  • Nutritionally superior
  • Adaptable processing to fit your needs

Soy Ingredients - Product Specifications

Download the SunOpta Soy Ingredients - Roasted & Toasted and Soy Ingredients - Liquid & Powders brochure.