Craft Juices and Power Shots

Craft Juices and Power Shots

Tradin Organic can supply a wide range of prime organic ingredients to the craft beverage industry. Ranging from juices and purees to superfood powders, our organic ingredients are packed with both wellness and taste. Besides our standard range of organic citrus juices, we can provide a variety of fruits and vegetables, either frozen (IQF) or as juice (NFC), concentrate and puree. We also offer a collection of innovative organic beverage ingredients, such as organic plant-based protein powders, organic nuts and nut butters, organic seeds and alternative organic sweeteners.

Full list of Craft Juices and Power Shots

Organic Ginger

Praised for its health benefits and great taste, organic ginger juice is rapidly making its way into craft juices. More and more beverage manufacturers are favoring a pure organic ginger juice over flavors or extracts. Our organic pure ginger juice is cold pressed from fresh organic root. It has a fresh flavor profile with a high level of pungency. Sourced from the mountains of Peru, our organic ginger juice is renowned for its bright yellow color and pungency. Due to our global sourcing network, we can supply organic pure ginger juice, as well as ginger powder.

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Organic Turmeric

Credited with numerous health benefits, organic turmeric is an excellent superfood ingredient for craft juices and power shots. Cold-pressed directly from organic turmeric roots, our organic turmeric juice is mildly aromatic, with a slight scent of orange. Organic turmeric is also a natural way to provide color to beverages or health shots. We can provide organic cold-pressed turmeric juice and organic turmeric powder

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Other Craft Juice Ingredients

Ranging from tropical fruit juices and alternative sweeteners to plant-based protein powders, Tradin Organic provides a wide range of organic certified ingredients, many of which are excellent for craft juices and power shots. For a full overview of our products, you can browse through our full product list.