Tradin Organic supplies a wide selection of organic grains to the milling and bakery industry. Our organic grains include traditional bulk organic milling wheat and rye, but also alternative organic grains like organic buckwheat, organic spelt, organic barley and organic quinoa. We have noticed our customers’ increasing demand for alternative grains that replace wheat in their food products. Our wide range of organic grains gives our customers countless options to substitute or blend different organic grains in products such as bread, biscuits and cakes.

Full list of Grains

Organic Milling Wheat

Our organic milling wheat is an important ingredient for organic bakery products. We supply numerous varieties of milling wheat, covering a range of protein levels and falling numbers for varying applications, from bread to biscuits. Our global sourcing team has set up several projects to source organic wheat in Eastern Europe. We actively help our farmers with training and provide information on procedures such as organic production practices, financing and logistics. As well as our existing organic sources, we work with conventional farmers to help them convert to organic farming. This way we continue to add new sources of organic wheat to our network.

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Organic Quinoa

Organic Quinoa has become a popular health food due to the presence of vitamins (B2 and E) and its high protein content. This versatile ancient grain is used in a wide variety of applications; from meat replacements to bread and salads. Tradin Organic sources organic quinoa directly from carefully selected partners in Bolivia and Peru. In addition to our popular organic white quinoa, the demand for our organic black, red and tricolor quinoa is growing rapidly. We can offer our quinoa as raw product, but we can also supply processed quinoa products, such as puffed quinoa, quinoa flakes and flour. 

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Alternative Grains

Tradin Organic supplies a broad selection of alternative organic grains that can be used as a replacement or supplement for our organic wheat. Our organic rye, which is sourced mainly from North America, has superior falling numbers and is excellent for different baking applications. Our organic malting barley, which is sourced directly from farmers in Eastern Europe and Australia, is an ideal ingredient for the increasing number of micro brewers worldwide. In addition to these products, we offer a variety of ancient grains, such as spelt, oats, Khorasan and more. Once forgotten, these organic ancient grains are in increasing demand by consumers. Our extensive range of organic grains also includes numerous gluten-free options.