Liquid & Alternative Sweeteners

Liquid & Alternative Sweeteners

Tradin Organic supplies a variety of organic alternative sweeteners to the food industry and are a great substitute for traditional sugar. Our broad selection of organic sweeteners can be applied in all kinds of products, such as beverages, bakery products, confectionary products, and more. We work with carefully selected suppliers around the globe, in addition to our own projects, to ensure the consistent quality, food safety, and organic integrity of our sweeteners.

Full list of Liquid & Alternative Sweeteners

Organic Agave Syrup & Inulin

Agave is a versatile and highly sustainable sweetener which can be ordered to meet the color requirements of the customer. Agave has many applications, the most popular of which is direct bottling for retailers to use as a sweetener in food products or beverages. Tradin Organic sources organic agave directly from Mexico and offers a variety of agave products, such as organic agave inulin and organic agave syrup in an assortment of colors.

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Organic Honey

Finding a good location for producing organic honey can be difficult. The organic certification does not allow for non-organic agriculture in a large radius around the bee hives. For this reason, our organic honey is produced in beautiful national parks and protected areas in Mexico and Tanzania. Beekeeping is often on of few economic activities permitted in these protected areas and the bees help to pollinate flowers in the national parks. The income from the honey is a welcome addition to the incomes of local beekeepers and their communities. Due to our multiple sourcing locations, we can offer specialty organic honey with unique flavor profiles, to be bottled as retail products or as a sweetening ingredient for food products and beverages. 

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Organic Alternative Sweeteners

Due to our global sourcing network, Tradin Organic can supply a range of non-traditional organic sweeteners.  An ever popular product is our organic coconut sugar and coconut syrup from our sourcing project in Indonesia. Another is our organic sweet potato syrup. To discover our full range of organic alternative sweeteners, please see the list above.