Tradin Organic supplies a wide variety of organic certified nuts to the food industry. Packed with protein, essential oils and minerals, our organic nuts are an important ingredient in many health foods. Our range of organic nuts can be used in trail mixes, breakfast cereals, energy bars, and more. Our production facilities also enable us to supply organic nut pastes and butters, which can be used as ingredients in spreads and butters and can be customized for your product requirements and clean label needs.

Full list of Nuts

Organic Cashews

Our organic cashews are grown on small, family-owned farms in Vietnam. Once harvested, the cashew nuts are shelled at a local processing facility. Our cashews have been certified organic since 1998 and can be used for retail packing, in trail mixes, breakfast cereals and bars. We offer many different sizes of organic cashews, W240, W320, WS, SP, LWP and more. We also supply organic cashew butter, which is an

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Organic Brazil Nuts

We source our organic Brazil nuts from our project in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, where our own agronomists visit the project frequently, to ensure the highest quality of our Brazil Nut products.We offer different qualities and sizes of organic Brazil nuts, such as diced 8-12mm, medium & midgets, medium kernels and midgets. We also offer Brazil nut butter.

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Organic Almonds

Our organic almonds are grown by farming cooperatives in Italy and Spain, using the dry farming technique. We specialize in unpasteurized raw almonds, but we also offer pasteurized almonds. We have various preparations for the product, such as: whole, diced, slivered, meal and butter. All preparations are available using either blanched or natural nuts. These can be used in the snack and bakery industry and in the production of paste, marzipan and fillings for chocolate pralines.

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