Oils & Fats

Oils & Fats

Tradin Organic supplies a wide range of organic vegetable oils for a multitude of applications. We supply organic sunflower oil from our own processing facility in Bulgaria and organic coconut oil from our sourcing projects in the Philippines and Indonesia. In addition, we also offer a selection of specialty organic vegetable oils such as safflower oil and rapeseed oil. Our organic vegetable oils are commonly used as cooking oil or as an ingredient in products such as; margarines, spreads, confectionary products, dairy products, cosmetics, and more. 

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Organic Sunflower Oil

Tradin Organic supplies organic sunflower oil straight from our state-of-the-art processing facility in Bulgaria. The sunflower seeds are mainly sourced from our Bulgarian projects and are refined at our processing facility to produce high oleic and linoleic organic sunflower oil. Our modern production facilities and on-site quality control enable us to offer only the most premium quality organic sunflower oils.

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Organic Coconut Oil

Tradin Organic supplies certified organic coconut oil from our sourcing projects in the Philippines and Indonesia. Some of the available products are; centrifuged virgin coconut oil, cold pressed virgin coconut oil and refined coconut oil. Our virgin coconut oils are rich in flavor and smell of fresh coconuts, whereas our refined oils are neutral in both flavor and odor, making them a perfect ingredient for industrial use. Our selection of coconut oils can be used simply as cooking oil, or in the manufacturing of a wide range of products, such as; margarines, fillings, spreads, confectionary products, dairy products, pharmaceutical products and personal care items.

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