Plant-Based Proteins

Plant-Based Proteins

Tradin Organic offers a broad range of unique, organic, plant-based proteins. Increasingly more consumers are looking to replace meat in their diets with plant-based alternatives. Protein powders are being added to an increasing number of products, such as shakes, smoothies, cookies, cereal bars, etc. Due to their high protein content, our organic proteins are an important supplement for athletic, vegetarian and vegan diets. Our variety of organic protein powders provides a range of options in terms of color, flavor and texture.

Full list of Plant-Based Proteins

Organic Chia Protein

Our organic chia protein powder contains 48% fiber, 25% protein and includes all 9 essential amino acids. An incredibly versatile protein, chia protein can be used as an ingredient in smoothies, protein shakes and healthy pancakes. Our organic chia is sourced from Peru, Mexico and Nicaragua and can be processed into a fine flour in a nearby facility. Our organic chia protein is an excelent supplement, adding protein and amino acids to your products.

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Organic Watermelon Seed Protein

Watermelon seeds are an outstanding source of protein. We can supply organic watermelon seed powder, which contains 60% protein, 8% fiber and all 9 essential amino acids. The watermelon seed protein is an ideal supplement for after-gym protein shakes. Due to its high protein content, watermelon seed protein helps to replenish lost nutrients while helping to repair muscles. Our organic watermelon protein can be used as an ingredient in shakes, juices, bars and other protein snacks.

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Organic Hemp Protein

We source our organic hemp seeds from Eastern Europe and China. Hemp seeds are very rich in protein and our organic hemp protein powder contains 50% protein, 22% fiber and all 9 amino acids. It is a great supplement for vegetarian and vegan diets, or for a snack after working out. Our hemp protein has a carachteristic earthy green color and it can be used in a variety of products, such as shakes and juices, cookies and cereals bars, etc.

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Organic Sunflower Seed Protein

We source our organic sunflower seeds from our own project in Eastern Europe. The organic sunflower seeds are grown in the fertile area between the Danube River and the Black Sea. The seeds are hulled at our own processing facility in Bulgaria and further processed in the US or Canada, to produce organic sunflower seed protein. We have our own team of agronomists and quality experts in Bulgaria, which allows us to monitor food safety, quality and organic integrity throughout the entire supply chain. Our defatted organic sunflower seed protein contains 50% protein and has a beige color. 

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