Tradin Organic supplies a broad range of organic seeds which can be used as an ingredient in trail mix, bakery products, snacks, cereal mixes, and many other consumer goods. Many of our organic seeds are delivered straight from our sourcing projects in Bulgaria, China and Ethiopia. In addition to our own sourcing projects, we also have a wide network of exclusive and preferred suppliers around the globe to ensure year-round supply and a wide array of seed options.

Full list of Seeds

Organic Sunflower Seeds

Tradin Organic offers organic sunflower seeds from our sourcing projects in Bulgaria and China. Our Bulgarian organic sunflower seeds are processed at our own processing facility in Silistra and our Chinese organic sunflower is grown and processed through our operation in Dalian. Both origins offer high quality organic sunflower kernels. Our sunflower kernels are popular ingredients in bread and bakery products, as well as in cereal bars and trail mixes.

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Organic Sesame Seeds

Tradin Organic sources organic sesame from Ethiopia, grown in the Humera region in the North of the country and hulled and cleaned at our own processing facility in Addis Ababa. From our processing facility, we offer organic natural or brown sesame seed, as well as organic hulled sesame seeds. Additionally, we offer organic natural sesame and organic black sourced from South America. Our organic sesame seeds are often used in bread, cookies and other bakery items, but they can also be used as an ingredient in humus.

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Organic Chia Seeds

Our organic chia seeds are used as a superfood ingredient in a multitude of products, ranging from bread, breakfast cereals and cookies, to smoothies and juices. Chia seeds are appreciated for their high protein and amino acid content. We source our chia from a variety of origins in Latin America and we offer black, white and mixed organic chia seeds. We can also supply processed organic chia products, such as sprouted chia, ground chia, chia powder, flour and protein. 

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