Sesame Products

Sesame Products

Tradin Organic has its own organic sesame processing facility in Ethiopia, with organic sesame seeds sourced directly from sesame farmers in the Humera district. Here in North Western Ethiopia, our farmers grow the Humera variety of sesame which is known for its white color, large size and nutty flavor profile. Our agronomists work directly with the farmers to provide technical support and monitor the quality of the sesame crop. 

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Organic Sesame Processing

After harvest, the sesame seeds are transported to our own sesame processing facility in Addis Ababa. Upon arrival at our state-of-the-art organic sesame processing facility, the organic sesame seeds are cleaned and hulled using the process of dry hulling. This method requires less water than traditional practices, minimizing the impact on the local environment and ensuring optimal product quality. The organic sesame seeds are then color sorted and prepared for export.

Organic Sesame Products

Tradin Organic supplies organic hulled, natural or brown sesame seeds straight from our production facility in Ethiopia. We work exclusively with the Humera sesame seed variety, which has a large size and characteristic nutty and sweet flavor. Our organic sesame seeds are an ideal ingredient for bread, granolas, cereal bars and other bakery products. Other sesame products available with Tradin Organic are organic sesame oil and organic tahini. 

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