Sunflower Products

Sunflower Products

Tradin Organic supplies a variety of organic sunflower products. Our organic sunflower seeds are mainly sourced from Eastern Europe and Asia. We have our own organic sunflower processing facility in Silistra, Bulgaria where we produce a large range of organic sunflower products, including sunflower kernels, sunflower oil and animal feed.

Full list of Sunflower Products

Organic Sunflower Kernels

Tradin Organic offers organic sunflower seeds from our sourcing projects in China and Bulgaria. Our Chinese organic sunflower is grown and processed through our operation in Dalian, and our Bulgarian organic sunflower seeds are processed at our own processing facility in Silistra. Tradin Organic supplies various types of organic sunflower kernels, such as roasted, salted and unsalted kernels, and alternative products such as organic sunflower seed butter and protein.

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Organic Sunflower Oil

Tradin Organic supplies organic sunflower oil straight from our state-of-the-art processing facility in Bulgaria. The sunflower seeds are primarily sourced from our Bulgarian and Eastern European projects and are pressed at our processing facility to produce high oleic and linoleic organic sunflower oils. Our modern production facilities and on-site quality control enable us to offer only the highest quality organic sunflower oils.

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Organic Animal Feed

Tradin Organic supplies organic sunflower expellers or sunflower cake straight from our own sunflower processing facility in Bulgaria. The organic sunflower expellers are a residual product from our sunflower oil production line and make an excellent ingredient for animal feed. Our organic expellers are available in HP and LP varieties.

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