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Organic & Natural Soymilk

Organic & Natural Soymilk

SunOpta™ is recognized world-wide as the company to rely on for excellent tasting non-dairy beverages. Our products and services range from ingredient formulation and processing to private labeled beverages with nationwide distribution.

Our fully integrated processing facilities control the entire production in-house, from seed selection to processing and packaging to your specific requirements. Our natural process doesn't use any harsh chemicals and the results are non-dairy products with the highest level of consistency, quality and exceptional taste.

SunOpta's soymilk is produced from whole, Non-GMO soybeans grown in the Midwest and selected for their superior food quality characteristics and pleasing flavor. These premium soybeans are then processed using proprietary techniques designed to maintain the full nutritional health benefits natural to the soybean.

Milk Substitutes for National Feeding Programs

The following soymilks qualify as a milk substitute for federal food programs:

  • Original Soymilk - 32 oz
  • Vanilla Soymilk - 32 oz
  • Unsweetened Vanilla Soymilk - 32 oz
  • Original Soymilk - 8oz
  • Vanilla Soymilk - 8oz

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Download The Edge on the Shelf - Soymilk flyer.