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SunOpta produces a wide range of whole grains with the highest level of quality, consistency and natural health benefits. Specializing in organic, non-GMO and Identity Preserved (IP) food ingredients, SunOpta has over 30 years of experience providing innovative soy ingredients for healthy and delicious foods.

Soybeans: Field to Table

We work directly with the farmers to select the best variety of soybeans for each specific food application. Whether the whole soybeans are made into soymilk, tofu, miso, edamame, soy sauce or roasted, we have an extensive program of seed development, evaluation and selection. We are involved in every step of the process from seed-to-table, consistently ensuring that the end product is of the highest value. Read about our Responsible Food Soybean Sourcing and Sustainability.

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Soy Nutrition

Soybeans are an excellent addition to any diet. They offer numerous health advantages, such as beneficial phytochemicals, antioxidants and protein. SunOpta's natural processing techniques maintain the soybean's dense nutritional value. Read about Soy Nutrition and Health Benefits.

Soybean Breeding Program

SunOpta has an enhanced Soybean Breeding Program, which answers the demand of growers and customers for new high yielding conventional varieties that can meet the performance of genetically modified varieties. With over 90 percent of North American soybean acreage as GMO, there is an increased need for new varieties of non-GMO soybeans. Here at SunOpta we plan to meet this need.

Soy Ingredients

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