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Soybean Sourcing & Sustainability

SunOpta is a leading provider of soy, corn, sunflower and grain-based food ingredients. We gather the best of nature's most wholesome organic and Non-GMO grains and soybeans and help convert them into delicious, healthy products. Established in 1978 and contracting directly with over 2500 farmers, and operating over a dozen production facilities, we supply and process only the very highest-quality ingredients and whole grains that are available as Certified Organic and Kosher, Non-GMO, and Identity Preserved (IP).

SunOpta is committed to environmental stewardship and social responsibility in all facets of our business, including the soymilk industry. Though we are the one of the largest soymilk producers in the world, SunOpta still contracts its soymilk soybeans directly with North American farmers. We operate under a vertically-integrated business model, which allows us to control every step of the soymilk process: from the soybean seed planted in the ground to the finished consumer product. With this vertically-integrated structure, we can better exercise corporate responsibility in all of our business decisions.

We utilize various production methods including Certified Organic as well as Conventional growing methods, but all of our food-grade grains start with seed that is Non-Genetically Modified (Non-GMO). We utilize Identity Preserved (IP) protocols in addition to third party testing and verification systems. These methods preserve the identity, quality, safety and purity of SunOpta products.

From farm and community, to manufacturing and industry, SunOpta considers sustainability at every level of organization. We strive to ensure a safe environment and food-secure world for all. SunOpta has taken many concrete steps to further ensure that we are protecting our environment for future generations, including setting up environmental teams and reducing our carbon footprint.