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Over 45 years of experience in the sunflower industry makes us a leading innovator and supplier of sunflower. Working directly with growers, we are involved in every step of the process from seed-to-table. We are committed to researching, developing and supplying new sunflower products. Our state-of-the-art technology, vertically integrated business model and commitment to quality ensure we deliver the best quality and value for your market.

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SunOpta specializes in long shelf life, high oleic sunflower kernel and large inshell sunflowers. Sunflower kernel products include SL® 80 high oleic, mid oleic, confection, bakery, chips, sunflower bits and meal. Custom roasted and flavored products are also available.

Sunflower's dense nutritional value outranks most tree nuts with less fat and calories and higher amounts of protein, fiber, folate and vitamin E. In addition to their superior nutrition, sunflowers are excellent nut alternatives simply because they are less expensive, have longer shelf-life and are not a common allergen. Sunflowers make a great snack or addition to cereals, snack bars, trail mixes and baked goods.

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In November 2010, we acquired Dahlgren & Company, Inc. to become the leading global processor of confection sunflower products.

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In 2013, SunOpta acquired a value-added sunflower handling and processing facility in Silistra, Bulgaria. SunOpta Foods Bulgaria produces sunflower kernel, oil, cakes and chips. This acquisition further expands our global sourcing platform and vertically integrated capabilities.

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