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Whole Grains - Soy, Corn & Sunflower

Whole Grains

Soy, Corn & Sunflower

SunOpta™ produces a wide range of whole grains with the highest level of quality, consistency and natural health benefits. Our whole grains include soybean, specialty corn and sunflower for food applications. We select premium varieties for their superior food quality characteristics, agronomics and manufacturing attributes. SunOpta is involved in every stage of production, from grower seed selection to cleaning, conditioning and packaging.

Food-Grade Soybeans: SunOpta selects the best variety of soybean for each application based on their agronomic and output characteristics. Soymilk and tofu applications use beans selected for their protein, flavor profile and uniform seed size. Miso and edamame beans are selected for their sugar profiles and hilum color. Roasting and soy sauce applications use beans selected for their protein and oil levels.

Non-GMO Waxy, Yellow Dent and Specialty Corn: Waxy corn's starch (97% amylopectin starch) contributes unique gelling properties for food and industrial uses. Yellow dent corn varieties are available for both dry and wet milling. Specialty corns include Certified Organic, white and blue varieties.

Sunflower: We specialize in long shelf life, high oleic sunflower kernel and long, large inshell sunflower. Our offerings include high oleic and traditional sunflower products and nut alternatives. Inshell sizes include standard 22/64 and 20/64. Kernel products include: high oleic, traditional kernels, bakery kernels, chips, specific chopped sizes and sunflower meal. Oil roasted, dry roasted, honey roasted, and flavored kernels are also available.


  • Agronomic traits
  • Non-GMO and traditional bred varietals
  • Extended shelf life, to meet food manufacturers' requirements


  • Excellent flavor profile
  • High yield in manufacturing
  • Ongoing improvements in varietals


Our processing plants use the latest technologies to provide a broad range of quality products. We utilize targeted controls and raw material tracking and traceability programs to produce premium, quality products that satisfy customers' specifications. Product is loaded in bulk, tote bags, and paper bags and can be loaded in rail, truck and ocean containers.

Download the SunOpta Whole Grains brochure.