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Bringing well-being to life

Sustainability is central to how SunOpta operates. SunOpta is committed to continuously improving its social, environmental and economic performance to positively impact employees, customers, investors and environment.

Sustainability is an integral part of SunOpta's business

SunOpta's passion for bringing well-being to life drives everything SunOpta does. Sustainability plays a vital role in fulfilling this purpose. The company's approach is built on five platforms that are integrated into its overall business strategy: workplace, community, partnerships, environment and marketplace. These platforms address each dimension of sustainability in a way that serve customers' best-interests, improve the communities in which SunOpta operates and maximize value for shareholders, guiding efforts to become an increasingly sustainable organization.

Corporate Sustainability Reports

SunOpta is pleased to present its 2016 Corporate Sustainability Report illustrating efforts and progress the company is making towards becoming an increasingly sustainable organization.

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