Our Brands

Our Brands


  • SOWN™
  • DREAM™

At SOWN™, we believe in growing a sustainable plant-based food system that doesn’t milk resources. Call it a mantra, or a pledge, or a contrarian, agrarian belief. Plant-based organic oat creamers, custom-crafted with our own oat base recipe, and made from organic rolled oats sourced from certified North American growers. Dignify your coffee with SOWN.

Call us dreamers, but we think the perfect plant milk should walk and talk like dairy. It should have a smooth and creamy texture, a lightly sweet taste, and exceptional nutritional value.
The perfect plant milk should make your cereal shine, taste straight-up delicious in a glass, and complement your cooking and smoothie recipes.

We believe it’s time to get busy taking care of this one and only planet.
We believe plant-based milk can reduce our collective impact on the earth and its resources.
We exist to fuel people making positive changes in their lives and the world—whatever that means for them.
We exist to serve up earth-sustaining, people-nourishing, health-promoting delicious-tasting plant milk.