SunOpta Achieves Zero Waste to Landfill at Niagara Manufacturing Facility

Global Food Pioneer Attains Sustainability Goals

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. (May 30, 2023)—SunOpta (Nasdaq:STKL) (TSX:SOY), a global pioneer fueling the future of sustainable, plant-based and fruit-based food and beverages, today announced it has achieved zero waste[1] to landfill at its Niagara manufacturing facility where better-for-you fruit snacks are manufactured.

“As a sustainable plant-based food and beverage company, sustainability is at the root of everything we do at SunOpta. We are working to reduce our environmental footprint by achieving zero waste, developing innovative packaging solutions, using efficient modes of transportation, and responsibly sourcing our ingredients. We also support sustainable agricultural practices upstream in our value chain on the farms where our ingredients are grown,” said Parneet Kaur, production manager, SunOpta. “We’re proud to achieve zero waste to landfill in Niagara, and we will continue to embrace opportunities that lie ahead as we work to sustainably fuel the future of food.”

SunOpta achieved zero waste to landfill at its Niagara facility by reusing or recycling materials such as batteries, metals, pallets and barrels. For example, each year approximately 580 tons of materials are recycled, including metals such as cans, barrels and pails, in addition to cardboard, which saves many trees. 95% of the waste disposal costs are offset by the recycling facility that utilizes the metal. The approximately 88 tons of industrial waste and 365 tons of non-consumable food materials that cannot be reused, recycled, or upcycled each year is turned into energy to power the local recycled paper manufacturer and to provide electricity to the Ontario grid.

Zero waste is just one of SunOpta’s sustainability goals. Earlier this month, SunOpta released its 2022 ESG report, outlining its goals and progress across four key areas: products, planet, people and governance. The SunOpta sustainability strategy includes aspirational goals related to carbon emission savings, recyclable packaging, upcycling food waste, and water conservation.

At our Niagara facility, SunOpta manufactures a variety of conventional and organic fruit bars, bits, twists and strips with real fruit ingredients to make tasty snacks for leading brands and private label. Learn more about our fruit snack products here. For decades, SunOpta has collaborated with some of the most planet-friendly brands.


About SunOpta, Inc.

SunOpta (Nasdaq:STKL) (TSX:SOY) is a Minnesota-based, global pioneer fueling the future of sustainable, plant-based and fruit-based food and beverages. With its deep roots and dynamic growth, SunOpta today leads innovation to positively impact people and the planet. Specifically, SunOpta manufactures organic, non-GMO, plant-based and specialty products sold through retail and foodservice channels. SunOpta operates as a co-manufacturer for leading brands and a manufacturer for private label and ingredients. SunOpta also proudly produces its own brands, including SOWN®Dream®, West Life™ and Sunrise Growers®. For more information, visit and LinkedIn.


[1] SunOpta has adopted a zero waste definition as 90% diversion of waste from landfill.