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Milled Corn Ingredients


At SunOpta we specialize in organic, non-GMO and Identity Preserved (IP) corn ingredients. We provide a wide selection of non-GMO corn varieties including waxy, yellow dent and specialty corn. Waxy corn's starch (97 percent amylopectin starch) contributes unique gelling properties for food and industrial uses. Yellow dent corn varieties are available for both dry and wet milling. Specialty corns include Certified Organic, white and blue varieties.

Here at SunOpta, we work directly with the growers and control the entire organic quality process through fully integrated processing facilities. Our corn is ideal for use as a natural fiber choice in snack food, baking and cereal applications.

Consumers are increasingly demanding whole grain products. Corn is an excellent option because it can qualify for health claims in consumer products. The FDA's 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans states that eating at least three or more one-ounce equivalents of whole grains daily can help achieve a healthy diet. In addition, corn is gluten-free, making it an increasingly versatile ingredient as the demand for gluten-free products grows.

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