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Processing and Contract Manufacturing

From research, development and formulation, to processing and packaging, we can help you develop tasty foods your customers will love. Our professional and industry specific staff can select the best food ingredients for your application, customize an ingredient to your needs and develop products to satisfy your target market.

SunOpta has numerous capabilities for processing and packaging services. Our services range from blending, extraction and drum drying to packaging finished goods. We handle orders of every size including barge lots, rail cars, bags, pallets and more. Our facilities meet the demanding specifications of leading food and beverage companies worldwide.

Our Grain Milling

At SunOpta we offer a variety of services for seed and grain conditioning. For soy, corn and sunflower, we offer scalping and foreign material removal that meet USDA Grain Standards. Our advanced equipment and state of the art technology in our food grade seed and grain conditioning results in high quality grains.

We use a dry mill system for corn, oat and grain processing. This offers various granulations and batch sizing. Milling is available in standard product lines or custom orders.

Our Ingredient Processing

We offer a wide range of ingredient processing services including blending, packaging, drum drying and spray drying. We provide dry blending and packaging in sizes 50 pound bags to 2,000 pound totes and liquid blending and packaging in gallon containers. We are capable of drying high viscosity and high particulate products such as molasses and honey (organic certified). We also have the ability to blend and spray dry various materials, including starches, proteins and soluble carbohydrates. Drying capacity ranges well-suited for everything from scale up to full production.

Providing custom food ingredient processing with a full range of technical capabilities, our facilities meet the demanding specifications of leading food and beverage companies worldwide. At SunOpta, we have the expertise and equipment needed for extraction, separation and concentration of grain and dairy ingredients, as well as custom seasoning, dry roasting and oil roasting. We also have facilities that provide dry and liquid blending and packaging, drum drying and spray drying.

Our Packaging Services

Our numerous facilities allow us to offer a variety of packaging services. From aseptic packaging specializing in Tetra Pak equipment, to our roasting facility offering nitrogen-flushed pillow packs, pouches and bulk packaging, we have solutions to meet the needs of your quality products.

Our packaging capabilities include:

  • Non-dairy
  • Fruit snacks
  • Grain snacks
  • Specialty bars
  • IQF fruits and vegetables
  • Premium juice