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Bringing well-being through partnerships

Creating long-lasting relationships with partners

Achieving SunOpta's long-term vision of becoming a sustainable organization requires collaborating with suppliers and customers to identify opportunities for developing solutions that drive mutual success.

By integrating sustainability throughout the supply chain, SunOpta maximizes environmental, social and economic benefits for all stakeholders involved. Forging these long-lasting relationships serves as a catalyst for new ventures as market trends evolve and needs change.

Key Performance Measures

62% of customers "truly loyal" according to customer loyalty survey, up from 56% in 2014.
The Supplier Partner Code of Conduct encompasses company values, policies and guidelines as they relate to universally accepted human rights standards, environmental stewardship, product quality and management systems.

Building a customer-centric organization

Companies with a loyal customer base grow faster, are more profitable and enjoy a position of market leadership. SunOpta's customers are fundamental to the future and long-term success of the company. SunOpta is committed to providing customers with world-class products, services and support. The company is working to improve customer satisfaction by targeting three key areas:

1. Product Quality

SunOpta's focus on improving product quality led the quality team to develop the company's first time quality (FTQ) standard operating procedures. SunOpta follows up proactively with customers to respond to quality complaints within each segment.

2. Strategic Alignment

SunOpta is working with key customers to create dynamic client roadmaps that allow for increased alignment with customers' product expectations. This allows SunOpta to bring innovation to product offerings, document success measures and track progress. Improved strategic alignment with customers is already resulting in several long-term strategic supply agreements.

3. Responsiveness

SunOpta is working with Walker Consulting to develop a culture that creates a responsive and attentive customer experience at all levels of interface with internal and external customers. SunOpta is working to develop scorecards on key measures of responsiveness such as on-time in-full (OTIF), in some cases jointly with customers.

In addition to these priorities, SunOpta has also created the Customer Loyalty Team. The team's mandate is to lead organization-wide efforts to develop a customer centric culture and track individual account progress against customer loyalty actions. The team also drives continuous internal and external communication to manage customer loyalty measurement processes with flawless execution and consistency.

Growing a sustainable supply chain

SunOpta sources organic ingredients from over 60 countries and it works to develop productive, positive relationships with all suppliers. SunOpta continues to work with its supplier partners to build an increasingly sustainable and a responsible supply chain.

SunOpta's supplier approval process includes suppliers attesting to the company's Supplier Partner Code of Conduct (SPCC), a document that encompasses SunOpta's values, policies and guidelines around environmental stewardship, labor rights, product quality and management systems. SunOpta is currently working on developing risk profiles for suppliers based on international standards. Based on these risk profiles, internal audits of suppliers are conducted by SunOpta's sourcing and/or quality teams. These teams visit supplier facilities and verify their adherence to SunOpta's SPCC. The frequency of visits is based on a supplier's risk profile.

Developing a comprehensive sustainability platform

SunOpta is developing an internal sustainability standard based on internationally accepted frameworks like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This will allow the company to measure the social and environmental impacts of both agricultural production and processing. SunOpta has targeted Q4 of 2016 to roll out its pilot.

Case Study: SunOpta's Global Supply Chain - Organic Coconut Oil from The Philippines

SunOpta is committed to working with growers to promote organic and sustainable agriculture practices. One partner for SunOpta is a young company based out of The Philippines that focuses entirely on producing high-quality organic coconut oil.

The factory works with dehusked coconuts transported from farms in drums. The coconuts are processed within 48 hours to preserve freshness. Through persistent effort on innovation and continuous improvement, the factory's coconut milk expeller and oil extracting centrifuges both achieve some of the highest extraction rates in the coconut processing industry.